About Presotea

Presotea-Ottawa-espresso-machine-fresh-madeDifferent from regular bubble tea shops that brew tea in a bulk bucket, Presotea insists on brewing tea by adopting the high-end espresso machine to keep the best flavour and sweetness. Presotea also develops a wide range of tea menu to fulfill all kinds of demand. Completely overthrowing conventional tea-brewing method, drinking freshly brewed tea makes you healthier. Presotea owns professional tea knowledge, the unique tea roasting technology and tea extraction and brewing skill. In addition, the tea selected is only high quality tea including Jasmine green tea, Oolong tea, Sencha green tea, Darjeeling tea…etc. Hopefully, every tea drinker would enjoy a perfect and fresh cup of tea at affordable price.

The freshest brand of tea beverages Presotea 鲜茶道

Quality and Hygiene

With an open-concept layout, customers would be able to see step-by-step preparations to be assured of the quality and hygiene of the product which they consume.

Professional tea-brewing skill

Presotea brews tea by using high quality tea and the first innovative espresso-style tea machine to extract good taste of tea.

Training and Counsel

Apart from providing our franchisees with standard adminstration and operation guidelines, which includes Standard Operation Procedures, product preparation and marketing materials, Presotea also provides dedicated in-store problem solving and operation consultation to assist our Franchisees in achieving Presotea’s trademark professional tea brewing culture.